Surface Structure Prize

The Surface Structure Prize is awarded to one (or jointly two or three) scientist(s), for an outstanding body of work in the field of surface and interface structure. For joint awards, the bodies of work must be closely related, such as in close collaborations or competing developments. The selected work is presented by the awardee(s) as an invited lecture at the ICSOS meeting.

Nominations must include a statement by the nominator, the CV of the nominee, a list of five key publications, and at least two (preferably three) supporting letters.  Nominations are accepted from all scientists in the field of surface science and, together with the supporting documents, must be submitted to the chair of the ICSOS executive committee via e-mail ( before 15.01.2023.

The executive committee chair will appoint the chair of the Surface Structure Prize Selection Committee (usually a former prize winner), who in turn appoints several experts in the field to form the independent Prize Selection Committee. From all nominations submitted in time, the Prize Selection Committee will select the best candidate who will present an invited lecture at the ICSOS-13 meeting.

Young Scientist Prize

The ICSOS Young Scientist Prize is awarded to an applicant who has recently (within the last three years) received a doctoral degree, or a current doctoral student who is expecting to finish his/her degree within one year after the current ICSOS, in the field of surface and interface structure.

Applicants for the Young Scientist Prize have to submit a proposal for a contributed talk at ICSOS-13, and indicate in the abstract submission form that they apply for the prize. Additionally, a signed statement by the student's doctoral and/or postdoctoral supervisor has to be submitted, certifying that the submitted work was performed by the applicant, describing the applicant's level and quality of contributions, and giving the (past or expected) degree award date. This statement shall be sent to the chair of the ICSOS executive committee ( The application should also include a publication list of the applicant containing the citation(s) that are relevant for the presented work.

For selecting the winner, a Prize Committee is formed, usually chaired by the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, who appoints the other committee members. On the basis of the submitted proposal and the related documents, the Prize Committee will pre-select several (up to five) proposals for oral presentation at the conference. The final decision on the prize winner will then be made by the Prize Committee during the conference. The award is to be announced and the prize to be given before the end of the conference.

Last Modified: 15.12.2022